Flights from Russia to Lebanon are getting more accessible now. You don’t have to waste the whole day going from Krasnodar to Beirut changing several times for a direct flight is available. Safe aircraft will get you to the place of destination for the knocked-down price. Flight duration is about 2 hours.

Flight data:

  • Non-stop flight Krasnodar-Beirut
  • Time is approximately 2 hours
  • Direct regular flight is the cheapest way of travelling
  • Distance between cities is 1 275 km
  • Flexible discount system for kids, pensioners and loyal customers


Low price tickets Russia- Lebanon are available in Krasnodar. Trip to Beirut has become possible without transfer. Now it’s not necessary to make a stop in Moscow, Istanbul or any other airports, as we have got direct regular flight going to Lebanon nonstop. Airline tickets Krasnodar-Beirut are in high demand for Russian tourists having friends and relatives living in Lebanon. Nowadays you can fly fast and at an easy rate. Direct flight Krasnodar-Beirut price is several times lower than transfer ticket.

Who is interested in Krasnodar- Beirut flight:

  • Russian tourists visiting Lebanon in touristic purposes (simple visa at the border)
  • Family members whose relatives are living in Lebanon
  • People wishing to take part in wedding celebrations of their friends
  • Businessmen cooperating with Lebanese representatives
  • Lebanese students going back home for holidays


If you are studying in Russia, practicing in Russian university or willing to make a visit as a tourist, regular flight Beirut-Krasnodar is the most convenient way for you. You won’t need to change several airports wasting your time in transfer , new flight will bring you to the place of destination


Distance between Beirut and Krasnodar is about 1 275km. Definitely the best way of travelling is the one by plane, however when the most air companies offers just transfer flight, it makes you think of wasting time and money. Fortunately, now you may plan your trip to Lebanon and back worrying about nothing. Direct regular flight makes your journey easy and convenient. You will reach Lebanon in 2 hours. You don’t have to monitor plenty of aircraft companies’ sites looking for the best price offers, we have got the best prices for travelling from Russia to Lebanon

We offer direct flight from Beirut to Krasnodar to:

  • Students from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq studying and working on probation in Russia
  • Foreigners employed in Russia
  • Lebanese businessmen cooperating with Russian enterprises
  • Russian relatives temporally living in Lebanon

If you would like to get more detailed information about direct flight Russia-Lebanon, contact us +78619455555!